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Prestige Drinks

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Client tasked us at Statuo to improve their Adwords campaign to maximise number of conversions under their target CPA.

The results below are over a 4 month period and continue to improve month on month.


We started off by making sure their merchant centre feed was pulling through all the correct information and up to par making sure this maximized our exposure with correct mapped fields in the feed.

Along with Google product discount codes for merchant centre this worked a dream, the results speak for themselves.


April improved on March by achieving the same number of conversions but for less spend improving the CPA also the CPC (cost per click) had been reduced from £0.14 to £0.11.

May improved again. Conversions rose by 35% (conversions was the most conversions generated ever for Prestige Drinks).

The CPA (cost per acquisition) was reduced by 30% (This was the lowest CPA ever generated for Prestige Drinks).

Conversion rate was improved from 2.52% to 3.11%.

June improved further. Although the cost had risen there were 50% more conversions generated.

The CPA (cost per acquisition) had been reduced by 10% (a new lowest CPA ever generated).

Conversion rate was improved from 3.11% to 3.63%

Month Conversions Conversion Rate
March 308 2.76%
April 308 2.54%
May Up Green Arrow 390 3.11%
June Up Green Arrow 543 3.63%