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UK Meds

PPC Landing Page Design

Here at Statuo we think the key to good creative web design is to keep yourself up to date with popular trends, we look at how we engage users for the ultimate website experience.


We never back down from a challenge! When UK Meds approached us and asked for a campaign to be setup and built within a month and also profitable from day one we thought they were mad! One month in and the results speak for themselves, we have smashed the target and continue to scale out the account to a new level.


  1. AdWords PPC account setup
  2. Scalable account
  3. Profitable campaign for day one
  4. Account approval for pharmaceutical products
  5. Weekly reporting

Client Problem

UK Meds needed a quick solution to pumping their budget into the digital space, they had a big budget which was ROI based. If we were able to generate conversions within their target CPA the budget would increase. They wanted to push multiple campaigns targeting a large array of areas from online prescriptions to drug specific keywords such as acid reflux treatments.

Our Solution

We were tasked with the completed account from keyword research, account creation and ad copy.

The campaign

An account campaign was created with sole purpose to provide conversions and increase ROI on the conversions generated. To build a campaign capable of yielding the right results, keywords were researched thoroughly, ad text created to amplify the product messages effectively and overall structure was constructed tightly-themed.

Over the next 6 months or so, our main aim was to reduce the client campaign CPA from £20 whilst increasing conversions, reducing click costs and improving overall account efficiency

The Outcome

UK Meds Campaign

Ongoing campaign optimisation work was then required to reduce costs, increase conversions and increase overall efficiency. At the end of may 2017 (6 months later) the client PPC campaign CPA had been reduced to a respectable £6.48 (down from £20) Plus conversions had increased and overall costs have been reduced due to optimisation work undertaken