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Coco Boo is the brainchild of two fashion loving sisters, Melania and Vittoria.

Whilst studying fashion design and fashion promotion at UCLAN University it became their dream to own a little boutique; a gorgeous little gem of a hangout where the girls could showcase their style and interpretation of fashion. This then quickly processed into an e-commerce website.

Coco Boo approached us in January. At the time they were running their own Social Media ads - and business was doing great, but they really wanted to grow the business further, and weren’t sure on how to effectively optimise their current campaigns.
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Firstly we got to know the client, we met several times to fully understand their business along with their targets and goals. This is probably the most important stage for us to get a full pictures of their expectations and requirements for the campaigns we will be running.

Competitor Analysis

We pulled together an extensive list of Coco Boo's competitors, looking through trends and seasonality to ensure we hit the ground running with our campaigns. This allowed us to jump ahead with a running start pulling our winning strategies as opposed to using the clients budget to test audiences.


Now we get to work, we took our discovery and research content to compile our campaigns and advert creatives working along side the creative team. We trialed our adverts for several weeks then pulling out winning creatives and agains building more advert sets based on our best preforming adverts.



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Facebook Ads


We set about building a complex advertising funnel with Facebooks Ads ensuring that we hit customers with the right ads at the right part of the buying funnel. We made sure that our audiences were carefully selected and tested, and our ads were fully optimised with the latest stock and bestsellers.

We work closely with the team at Coco Boo to ensure that we are fully up to date with the latest weekly ’drops’ - keeping the ads fresh and up-to-date.

Our main KPI was to grow revenues and reduce Cost per Acquisition, which is what we have continued to do over the past 3 months.


Increase in return on Ad Spend


Reduction in Cost per Acquisition


Increase in Revenues

*January vs March ( Statuo took over the ad account in Feb )

Other Projects

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