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Acquiesce is a private residential rehabilitation centre based in Bolton. They offer an urban recovery model situated in the town centre.

Acquiesce pride themselves on offering a high level of focused, individual treatment to no more than 6 residential individuals at any one time, providing a high quality service at a low cost and ensuring that they provide an environment which encourages recovery.
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The Challenge

Acquiesce was founded in 2016 by Danielle & Adrian. They were a new face in an already established industry, and were up against household names such as The Priory. Therefore required some help sourcing local patients who may potentially benefit from a more local, urban recovery rehab model.

Competitor Analysis

We identified a list of Acquiesce’s top competition locally, and looked into what they were doing well, and also what they weren’t doing well. We found our USP’s in terms of price, location, small group sizes and high quality of service - and we used them to our advantage.


Being relatively new to the scene, we needed to identify Acquiesce as true experts in their field. We set about creating a blog strategy which had some really helpful content for website visitors around addiction and rehabilitation.

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Our Approach

We initially began work on Acquiesce’s Organic SEO - optimising the website for local search terms such as ‘rehab near me’ ‘rehab bolton’ - Over a 4-6 month period this saw an increase in website visibility, and an improvement on organic rankings for these terms.

Once we had fully optimised our Local rankings - We then began developing a content strategy to ensure that the website was best placed to showcase Acquiesce as true experts in their field. The team at Acquiesce have decades of experience in the treatment of addiction, and we needed to portray that in the tone of voice and the content on the website.

We developed a content hub which was created to help and assist people in learning more about Addiction. These topics ranged across all substances and rehabilitation types, the aim was to provide accurate and informative information about substance abuse and the benefits of rehabilitation, how it works - this area is something we are continuing to expand on.

We also added pages such as ‘Meet the Team’ which showcases the experience and qualifications of each staff member at Acquiesce. We broke out the rehab pages so that they were focused solely around the addiction - and tailored to that addiction as all substance abuse rehabilitation is different and we wanted to ensure that the visitor had the correct information at all times.

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We’d made really great strides with the SEO in terms of rankings and enquiries, and we wanted to ensure that we were engaging with as much of the traffic as we could. Something which had always concerned us was the conversion rate of the website. Whilst the ‘service’ offered isn’t as straightforward as most - the conversion rate was still quite low considering the search terms our customers were using to visit the site.

We looked into conversion rate optimisation, and identified some issues with the current CMS with regards its ability to scale with the level of content we were adding.

In May 2019, we decided it was time to change CMS platform, and in the meantime - make some of the conversion rate optimisation tweaks we’d been looking to implement (such as an easier navigation) We then designed and developed a modern, clean, bespoke Wordpress website.

The new site will future proof our SEO strategy which focuses heavily around more helpful and informative content, and the redesign & build ensures that we can showcase Acquiesce’s expertise in an engaging and accessible way - whilst maintaining a clean and easy to navigate website.

Acquiesce Website Mockup
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Acquiesce Brochure Mockup
Acquiesce Website Mockup
Acquiesce Mock Images
Acquiesce Brochure Mockup


We also worked with Acquiesce on their brochure. The brochure is available for download on the website and also via print version. The web version is often downloaded by family members to share with a loved one suffering from addiction.

We needed to ensure that the tone of the brochure was very informative, whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable feel.

The content is understandably quite heavy and so we broke up some of the content heavy pages by incorporating some statistics and infographics to keep readers engaged.

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