Boss Direct

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This week the team are gearing up to launch one of our latest clients websites; Boss Direct, who are a large printing company from Bolton and we are rather excited!

We have been working on this project throughout the year in different stages and thought we would give you a glimpse into the process of web design with Statuo.

The brief

After a meeting with the team at Boss Direct we sat down to discuss the key objectives of the website, and a project charter was written up. Within this project charter we discuss how we could update the current system and the overall visual look. We finalise the site map and how many pages it will hold. We also discussed the product the company held, the services they offered, imagery and copy required for each of the pages. We look at local and UK competitors within the same field and assess our research to see what we could bring to the online presence of this brand that others don't currently offer.

Boss direct old website New Branding Sketches

Our Approach

We start with a basic wireframe, noting all assets needed in the website, the overall look and function. This is the most important process and this enables all the ideas we have discussed to come together as one before we move onto the computer. It is essential everything is covered constantly referring back to the project charter and the overall key objectives for the website.

Now its time to bring the clients dream to life, with the wireframes drawn out with every page considered we move onto the computer, using illustrator & photoshop the visuals start to be built - type is tuned to a T, legibility is checked, copy is applied and imagery bring the website together as one. The team reviews the work, and developers review the functionality of the site and how it will work on multiple devices, before it is forwarded to the client for first review.

We currently collaborate with Invision, to simplify the feedback process by having clients, team members comment directly on the designs. Enabling us to view feedback all in one convenient place. Users can test our prototypes directly from their iPhone/Tablet, perfect for some of the busy clients, who are always on the go. We communicate with our clients using InVision until the client is happy with all information, imagery & overall framework before we go to build the website.

Boss direct old website New Branding Sketches


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help in helping me turn this brand project around. So, thank you for; Agreeing to take on the challenge, putting up with all the minute detail of my (and other people’s) feedback and super practical requirements, being super responsive and quick with everything, and finally - for generally being nice people to deal with!

Christina Leahy , Head of Brand