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Our clients came to us with an idea. They wanted to take their knowledge of traditional chartered accountancy, and bring it into the 21st Century.

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The brief

With so many accountancy softwares around, our client wanted to offer a personal accountancy service, with a modern twist. They wanted to develop an online tool which allows you to answer a set of questions about your business, and be presented with a quote for the management of your annual accounts, but still maintaining a brand personality and showcase the people behind the brand.

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We began with naming concepts where we concepted around 8 potential names. We then selected our 2 favourites and from these 2 names, developed 2 brand concepts, one was in keeping with their existing successful chartered accountancy brand, and one was completely standalone.

Our client opted for Flexibooks. They felt that a brand separate from their existing business is what would work best for them, and loved the colours and style of the flexibooks concept, once final tweaks had been made - we began designing the website & online tool.

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We researched our demographic, busy, self-employed, business owners. They don’t want heaps of content or big forms to fill in. We opted for a small navigation, placing the focus firmly on ‘Getting a Quote’ This leads the user straight down an easy to use system where they answer a series of multiple choice questions about their business, and their requirements. This then gives them a tailored quote, which they can either accept or decline.

Once designs were agreed, we began the build of the website - subtle animations and transitions ensure that the journey from landing to getting a quote is easy, slick and engaging.

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As Flexibooks is entirely new to the market, as soon as the site has launched, we have a facebook marketing strategy planned, we will be creating a prospecting campaign across facebook & instagram, targeting our specific demographic, this will be for both brand awareness and generating sales.

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