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Mr Teak is a family run business, which has been established since 2000

They have developed a reputation for both the quality of their products and also the efficiency of their service.

The Brief

Mr Teak approached us in 2019 to run their PPC campaigns. We began work and soon saw significant sales increases. Shortly afterwards, the client began having issues with the website. It was built some years previously, and had aged in terms of not only the look and feel, but also the clunky back end system. Mr Teak asked us to take a look at a brand refresh a new look website with an easy to use content management system.

Mr Teak Mr Teak


We began by looking at the logo itself, it was a tiger; which didn’t have much relevance to the products or the brand itself. We created an identifier which now aligns with the product, wood. We looked at a more toned down colour palette, bringing in more earthy colours, and also bringing in a friendlier typeface, opting for ‘Rachel’ a friendly serif font.

Mr Teak Mr Teak


For the website, the existing site was built in Wordpress with Woo-commerce, our customer found this difficult to manage and update. We looked into various options which we felt would make our clients life much easier, and opted eventually for Shopify. The client wanted to keep costs down and timescales as low as possible, and so we utilised a template for the build. This allowed a quick, easy application of the new brand, and import of the products. It also allowed us to get the site up and running quickly.

Mr Teak Mr Teak
Mr Teak Mr Teak


Mr Teak hadn’t been recording his site performance data prior to us stepping in to help, which made it difficult for us to see the true performance of the old site, he had however advised that his target was to generate £4,000 a week & that this hadn’t been achieved previously, we knew with the right marketing strategy that this would be achievable but also that the site would need to help us to hit this goal.

Mr Teak PPC Sales Mr Teak PPC

Original Site performance (First 3 month):

Site Visitors: 2,821

Purchases: 93

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): 896%


New Site Performance (First 6 weeks):

Site Visitors: 6,999 ^^ by 148%

Purchases: 176 ^^ by 89%

ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): 1248% ^^ 39%


The new site has generated more than double the revenue of the previous site in half of the time, now we know that the recent epidemic of Covid19 will have played its part in pushing up the revenue & performance but if this site hadn’t been created (albeit at the right time) then this performance wouldn’t have been possible. We hit the customers KPI & exceeded it by over 100% which goes to show that marketing & websites go hand in hand and if done correctly, anything is possible.

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