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Our clients came to us to help create and build a new brand.

Already giants in the Doner Kebab industry, they wanted to launch a premium doner brand aimed a newer, younger and more marketing savvy demographic of Kebab Shop owner.

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The brief

Shazade came to us with the name, and a vague idea of how they wanted to take inspiration from a popular Turkish TV show ‘Ertugrul’.

Our clients father runs a successful doner kebab manufacturing business, and the name Shazade translates roughly to ‘Prince’. With this in mind, we began the branding concepts by researching Turkish History and the Ottoman Empire. Taking cues from our clients heritage and family business, we developed some brand identifiers such as the hat and the sword.

The colours were chosen to signify wealth, luxury and exclusivity. We also created a secondary identifier which was a nod to our clients family heritage ‘Son of Sultan’ (Sultan Meat Products is the family business)

Shazade donner Shazade fridge


Once the logo and identifiers had been agreed, we got to work on rolling out the brand across a set of agreed marketing materials.

A movie poster was created for the launch, along with some experiential materials such as Fridges and billboards. Shazade wanted an offline launch, building relationships with wholesalers, and organising cook-off events. You can see some of the assets below.

Shazade sign Shazade stamp


“Everything is spot on. You’ve been absolutely class working with us - I know it’s not been easy. You’ve been ace to work with really pleased”

Can Ayirgan - Owner, Shazade

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