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The Project

We were approached by the founders of Vitgo. Their business was providing tailored vitamin supplements, which are purchased and delivered on a monthly subscription basis for busy people on the go. Remembering to buy vitamin supplements every month probably isn’t high up on peoples to-do list, but it can make all the difference to your health and wellness.

We were tasked with creating a brand which targeted 20-40 year olds. Vitgo wanted to be portrayed as a professional, trustworthy company ran by healthcare practitioners - but also have a youthful and approachable feel.

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What we delivered

We identified brands which co-exist in a similar market, those with shops, those online, and those with subscription models - we then identified our USP’s which made us stand out from crowd. We wanted to make it clear that we were taking the hassle out of feeling good. We developed a mission statement which got to the heart of Vitgo, and was designed to be used across various platforms.


‘Statuo really understood what we were going for, we’re so happy with how the brand is looking and how well they have articulated our values in the Mission Statement’

Owner, Vitgo.


The Result

The VitGo website is currently under development and will be launching in the next month or so.