General Manager Adam Pilkington


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I started my career 16 years ago working in sales and eventually ended up working for in the sales department. After realising I was more suited to the support side of things, I switched over to customer services and worked my way up to becoming a senior member with the customer service department.

I have always had a keen interest in marketing and I trained myself on paid marketing, (predominantly Google Ads). This prompted my decision for a change of career and I moved over to Statuo as an Account Manager/Paid Executive 4 years ago. Since then, I have made my way up to General Manager, though I do still manage Google Ads accounts (what can I say? I’m addicted to it!)

Favourite thing about my job

I love being a support system for the Statuo team and our clients. Although this isn’t always needed, as the team is very proficient, I do like to think that they know I've always got their backs and put everything in place that I can to allow them to succeed within their roles.

An Interesting Fact

My daughter and I were born on the same day 31 years apart, which makes for some very interesting joint ‘princess birthday parties’ at the age of 33.

Favourite Album

I couldn’t pick one specific album as there are way too many but I would say my favourite artist is Micheal Jackson.

What’s on your playlist at the minute

AJ Tracy, Tupac, Coldplay and Adele but I usually just listen to Smooth Radio (I know what you're thinking).

Talk to me about

The evolution of Google Ads and what the future holds for your business.

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