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Spotlight: Katie White, Content Executive

Meet Katie, the one who tells us when we're all being totally old and uncool....

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Using Paid Search To Accelerate Growth

Using Paid Search allows you to deliver a range of highly targeted ads directly to customers who are already searching for your products or services....

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What is Local SEO (...and how do I do it?)

Taking a look at how you can optimise your website for people searching for services in a specific location....

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Shopify Pro’s & Con’s

Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform. It’s super popular, with over 3 million websites worldwide, and brands such as Heinz, Deliveroo, Redbull and Kylie cosmetics counted amongst their users....

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Spotlight: Isaac Taylor, Back End Developer

Meet Isaac. The only staff member to break a bone on a night out, you can usually find him in the kitchen eating egg whites or boiled chicken....

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Using An Agency To Build Your Website | Everything You Need to Know

Thinking of using an agency to build your website, here is a list of frequently asked questions we usually get asked by clients early on in the process....

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