Bite-size solutions to your UX nightmares

Nicola Law

Oct 08, 2021 . 4 minutes read

Bite size solutions

Bite-size solutions to your UX nightmares

If you haven’t heard of ‘UX’ before - it refers to the user experience on a website/ app or software.
UX can make or break not only your online business but the perception of your brand. It should always be the key component when designing your website, it should understand and interact with your audience in a way which is subtle yet intuitive enough to understand how your users want to use your site. 

Making your website look pretty is all well and good - but if your customers can’t add their payment details in properly - then what's the point? If you don’t consider your audience and how they are likely to use your website - you are heading for disaster.

On that note - we do enjoy a good laugh over bad UX posts we see….

But in all seriousness - your company doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of a scathing tweet or most laughable trending instagram story - and bad UX can and does affect not only your business, but your brand reputation. Not to mention it can send your potential customers running into the arms of your competitors (you know, the ones with the 3 step dream worthy checkout process)

Let's take a look at our bite - size solutions to your UX nightmares.

Unresponsive design that’s not mobile friendly

Our lives are much busier than they used to be - we’re all used to browsing our phones on our lunch break, one handed whilst eating a sandwich with the other. If your website is going to make me pinch and zoom with my sandwich hand because your page doesn’t fit on my screen, I'm out - Don’t come between me and my club sandwich.

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Our Solution: We implement responsive design throughout all our web projects, we create design that guides the user through a conversion funnel with as few interactions as possible to avoid loss of interests and we focus on fast loading times. Mobile users can access content much faster than a desktop user does, and tend to leave your site if they can’t find what they are looking for immediately.

Too much information and poor legibility

You have your users attention for a very short time, don’t overface them with paragraph upon paragraph of text.

Our Solution: We create hierarchy throughout all our designs making text legible and relevant.

We break up long copy so it is digestible. We keep it simple with the help of our seo experts and content writers that get straight to the point removing any unnecessary copy.

Long list forms

We know that sometimes, long list forms are necessary - but there are a lot of forms that ask unnecessary questions that put people off filling them in. Think about the answers you really need, and weed out the ‘nice to haves’.

Our Solution: Keep your questions relevant, avoid using questions that are unrelated to the outcomes that you want, create a user journey. If it needs to be a long form, make it fun, simple and smart. Create a process where customers feel engaged in the answers they are giving.

Brand inconsistencies

This is a mainly a pet peeve of most design agencies, but brand inconsistency in websites can also confuse your users. If half of your ‘add to basket’ buttons are green, and half are red - your customers are going to be wondering what's wrong with the red ones.

Our Solution: We create brand guidelines for the brands we develop. Guidelines outline the company’s primary & secondary colours, logos, fonts, and other design rules. They help execute a consistency throughout all brand aspects, print, digital and advertising.

Not user testing

‘My customers do it this way’ - is something that web agencies hear a lot. And our response is usually ‘how do you know that’. If it's not been tested, it's not been proven.

Our Solution: Test, Test & Test again. We use software such as VWO and HotJar that split test website designs and provides us with key information that feeds back into how we can improve the UX design for your audience. Every site and user are different, but with testing we can spot trends that work and identify things that don’t - that way we can push your company in the right direction through constant testing.

If you want to drive more conversions and make the design of your business work for you get in touch with us today and we’d be more than happy to help!

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