Euro 2024 Marketing Campaigns: Which Brands Have Scored and Who's Benched?

Katie White

Jun 26, 2024 . 5 minutes read

Euro 2024 marketing

We kicked off the summer with our Ultimate Guide to Euro 2024 Marketing Strategies. As we approach halftime in the UEFA European Football Championships, let’s take a look at the brands that have scored and those that have fumbled the ball.

IRN BRU - Optimism & Mannschaft

IRN BRU has scored a hat trick with their three videos that brilliantly built on Scotland fans’ pre-tournament buzz.


In the first video, titled ‘Doctor’s,’ a concerned patient visits her GP to discuss some unusual symptoms: excessive smiling, butterflies in her stomach, a spring in her step, and cheering arms. The doctor diagnoses her as a Scotland fan experiencing a case of something he thought was long gone... optimism. His prescription? A ticket to the Scotland vs. Germany game, to be washed down with a can of IRN BRU.


The second video, ‘Cafe,’ features two ladies gossiping in a café about friends who have caught something quickly spreading across the nation. They use innuendos like “that Carol caught it after that night with Georgia, I’ve never known it so wet,” This refers to the Scotland v Georgia qualifying round back in Novemeber when the pitch was flooded from the heavy rain.

As we see Scotland fans celebrate outside the café, the women remark, “Looks like this optimism is really spreading, eh?”


IRN BRU’s latest video ‘Mannschaft’ played on the German word for ‘football team’ in a rather cheeky way. The risque innuendos and Scottish humour proved to be a hit, gaining traction across social media.

What worked well? IRN BRU masterfully crafted engaging narratives in all three videos, captivating viewers from start to finish. The authentic Scottish humor not only stays true to their brand's roots but also taps into the collective mindset of football supporters, making the content relatable and enjoyable for all fans.

Adidas - Hey Jude

Backed by the legendary Beatles’ song “Hey Jude”, Adidas’ latest campaign celebrates the rise of a new generation of footballers, primarily focused on Jude Bellingham. The ad, which also features football icons David Beckham and Frank Lampard, elicits a feeling of legacy and the passing of the torch.

It portrays the journey of a nation’s hope, driven by a new wave of players aiming for success in Germany in the 2024 Euros. Bellingham, embodying the support of his fans and overcoming past disappointments, is at the forefront.

This ties in with reports that suggest Adidas is considering a Bellingham logo inspired by his signature goal celebration, reminiscent of Nike’s “Jumpman” inspired by Michael Jordan.

What worked well? Adidas masterfully combined the iconic “Hey Jude” with powerful visuals of football legends and rising stars to create an emotional narrative. The campaign successfully highlighted the optimism and unity of fans, while the potential introduction of a Bellingham logo cleverly taps into the brand’s history of celebrating individual greatness.

The inclusion of beloved figures like Beckham and Lampard, along with the recent appeal of Bellingham, ensured a broad appeal and strong emotional resonance across all audiences.

British Heart Foundation - ‘Til I Died


‘Til I Died’ is a powerful and moving campaign that raises awareness of the lesser known killer, Sudden Cardiac Death, and the unexpected impact it has. The ads commemorate the lives of 12 young football fans under the age of 35 who tragically lost their lives to heart disease.

The murals can be found across the UK, each artwork featuring the emotive message “England/Scotland ‘Til I Died”, followed by their story and the statistics surrounding heart disease, encouraging people to donate in order to fund the lifesaving research that will help put a stop to the tragic reality.


What worked well? At a time when football fans are celebrating the huge sporting event, these ads serve as a poignant reminder of the loss families face when a loved one suddenly dies.The campaign effectively uses the emotional connection fans have with football to highlight the importance of heart health.

The visual impact of the murals, combined with the heartfelt stories, captures attention and stirs empathy, making the message resonate deeply. The use of relatable, real-life stories humanises the statistics and emphasises the urgent need for awareness and action.

By placing these murals in prominent locations across the UK, the British Heart Foundation has ensured maximum visibility, encouraging donations and support for their lifesaving research.

Hellmann’s - Official BBQ Partner


Famous mayonnaise brand Hellmann’s kicked off its promotional materials early, positioning themselves as the Official BBQ Partner of Euro 2024. The brand partnered with footballer Jack Grealish, banking his stardom to drive engagement and promote sales.

The campaign featured multiple promotional materials such as social media content, posters and videos which included Grealish, centred around the slogan “Up your game”. They even created a new ‘Grealish Burger’ as part of the partnership.

However, the brand found themselves in a sticky situation when the final squad for Euro 2024 was announced… and Jack Grealish hadn’t made the cut.

The announcement inevitably led to a storm of mockery across social media, ridiculing Hellmann’s for their unfortunate decision to partner with Grealish, with one user tweeting “Awful day to be the Official BBQ Partner of the UEFA Euro 2024”, with others cleverly adding “Can’t imagine how he [Grealish] must be feeling being cut. Must be Hell, man…”

What went wrong? Although Hellmann’s couldn’t have known Grealish would be excluded from the team (football fans were just as shocked by the announcement!), they did miss out on the opportunity to embrace the unexpected twist and acknowledge the situation with a sense of humour. Instead, they continued to post their bank of existing marketing materials that they had spent the budget on.

Since then, the campaign has somewhat fallen flat, with very little engagement on socials. A recent video of the brand ‘grilling’ Grealish on his ideal BBQ guests received just 3 likes on X and 52 likes on Instagram. Yikes 😬

Seize the Second Half

If you haven’t already implemented Euro 2024 into your marketing strategies, it’s not too late! In fact, with the games currently ongoing, there’s never been a better time for some reactive marketing by watching the games and listening to fan opinions through X (formerly Twitter).

Don’t worry too much if you’re not totally clued up on the sport! You don’t need to know the intricate details of the offside rule in order to go viral.

For example, Aldi caught a moment in the England vs Slovenia game when England Manager Gareth Southgate was taking notes. They posted a screenshot side-by-side with a shopping list, captioned “When your team are playing in an international tournament but you still have to do the big shop”. Sure, it’s silly but it’s totally on-brand and got plenty of laughs and engagement.

Don’t forget to check out our full guide to Euro 2024 Digital Marketing Strategies here!

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