Getting Started In The Digital Marketing World

Connor Tomlinson

Aug 10, 2022 . 4 minutes read

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Taking your first steps in digital marketing can be exciting, but maybe a tad daunting if the experience is completely new to you. Trust me, I know the feeling, as a new marketeer myself I completely understand the desire of wanting to adapt to this career path as quickly and dynamically as possible.

In this blog we will go over a few areas of focus in order to help you settle into your new role.

Be Proactive 🤓

It can be beneficial to proactively study up on a new career and anything it may involve, be it company values, job specifications, previous examples of work or current client resources.

If completely new to the field of digital marketing, be enthusiastic in learning up on the industry, however don't be too reliant on what to expect from outside sources, as there's no substitute for getting your own experience, unique and first hand.

(*Bonus tip - if you have no prior marketing experience, it can be a good idea to volunteer or offer your services for reduced cost before starting a new permanent role in order to gain valuable experience and knowhow.)

Listen And Learn 👂🏻

Be a sponge in your new environment, soaking up your colleagues' experience and tips can prove helpful as you look to consistently improve your own knowledge and capabilities in what can be a very specialised field. Of course it’s especially relevant to take advice from someone in the same role or department as you, but also must be considered in the wider aspects of the office environment.

(*Bonus tip - make sure to take regular notes, it’s extremely useful to have a personalised resource for information you may need.)

…Don’t Be Afraid To Speak As Well 🗣

It might seem necessary to solely zip it and open your ears, but having the confidence to speak, whether to offer genuine opinion, concern, insight or crucially to ask for help or guidance, can prove vital in the learning curve.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of being part of a successful team or workforce. It’s far easier to ask for a bit of help or reiteration earlier rather than later, so don't be hesitant about speaking at the opportune moment if you feel it will positively impact your work.

Learn The Intricacies Of Your Specific Job Role 🔎

Unique role knowledge will help you be more efficient in carrying out your daily duties, and allow you to be part of a collaborative wider overall team. Making use of any resources available, such as specific softwares, can assist your productivity and streamline focus when dealing with action items.

Employer tone of voice and general company values will all begin to stratify throughout your work, keeping things on brand and relevant to existing clients, as well as attracting new ones.

(*Bonus tip - digital marketing often relies on creativity to achieve productivity, therefore dare to think outside the box.)

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Time Management ⏰

Being accountable and responsible with your working hours is an extremely important part of demonstrating professionalism and maturity to a new employer. Planning ahead is crucial, having a structured and organised task calendar gives each working day shape and allows you to have a clear oversight of the future, as well as the present. Be cautious of planning too far ahead however, a certain amount of flexibility is necessary in order to react to any unforeseen changes or alterations to your workload. It goes without saying to be ready and willing to undertake any tasks you are assigned with focus and vigour, but be cautious as to not spread yourself too thin, especially in the initial period of being new and trying to demonstrate your value as an asset to the team. It's better to complete two tasks well, than four in a mediocre fashion.

Keep Things Simple 🌱

It may seem obvious but remembering to carry out the basics well can go a long way, even in the luminous world of digital marketing. Punctuality, honesty and trustworthiness are essential cornerstones of being a respected and valued employee in any industry.

Self-Belief 👑

Another key factor in starting off on the right foot in a new job, as cheesy as it may sound, is believing in yourself and your abilities. Having confidence in your skillset and judgement can not only show your new colleagues you mean business but also deeply instil it within yourself. Imposter syndrome or general feelings of incompetence can be a common reality for many new starters, it’s vital to remeber there will always be a learning process and natural period of adjustment, but keeping in mind your ambition and fusing this with a positive work ethic can go far.

(*Bonus tip - remember to remain calm and not put too much pressure on yourself, especially early on.)

Finally 🔮

A role in digital marketing can be engaging and compelling, for the right candidate this industry could present a career path that, unlike many job routes, is becoming increasingly relevant in modern society.

Such a vibrant and fluctuating industry can seem disorientating to a person or business without a tailored strategy on how to achieve success. At Statuo we’re experts in crafting such strategies, we know the power and relevance of the digital landscape as a platform for your business, and how to maximise this vast resource.

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