International Week of Happiness at Work

Faye Collings

Sep 22, 2020 . 5 minutes read

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This week is International week of happiness at work. After a bit of research, we came across a study which identified that 84% of the UK workforce consider themselves ‘happy’ at work. That same survey found that people working in the creative and arts industries are the most satisfied, and millennials are significantly happier than people in their 40’s - Considering here at Statuo we’re a bunch of creative millennials, you’d think we’d be a pretty happy bunch, right? Well we are, but the study got us thinking, what is it exactly that makes us happy at work?  


Culture is a huge part of office life. If you don’t get along with your colleagues, or you find your role boring, obviously, you are more likely to be unhappy in your job. The Mindspace survey found that in Western Europe, one of the main reasons people look forward to going to work is for social purposes - such as interacting with their colleagues. So i suppose, it's safe to say that if you don’t get along with your colleagues, that could make for a pretty crappy work week.

Here at Statuo, we have put together a bunch of talented individuals with varying levels of experience. We don’t just hire people solely on having a degree from a top university, or that they have worked in a huge agency in London. We hire not only on skill set, but on culture fit. Do we think that you will enjoy working here? Do we think the team will enjoy you being here? It’s one of the most important parts of our hiring process.

Work/Life Balance

Being at the office until 8pm at night, getting stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam when they close the motorway or trying to find a babysitter for a sick child - scenarios that have happened to all of us, and none of them are conducive to a good mental health day, or a good work/life balance. These are things that can, and do ruin your day. Here at Statuo, sick child? Work from home. Crash on the motorway? Work from home. Late night ahead? Do it from home.

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Our industry is unpredictable and can sometimes mean a phone call at 9pm to say a clients website has gone down, or a client has forgotten a deadline on a print ad that has to be in at 10am the next day, a google shopping account has stopped running - all of these are things that can have a direct impact on our clients revenues. We offer our staff flexibility throughout the week and we know that we can always rely on them in the very infrequent times we need them during out of office hours.

Feeling valued / Sense of purpose

The Mindspace annual report found that feeling valued was a key indicator of job performance. Here at Statuo, we value each and every one of our employees for their individuality and skillset. Everyone has a distinct role, purpose and professional goals.

Everyone also has their own go-to speciality. Need to know something about Google Ads, ask Tom. Branding? Definitely Nic. Facebook Ad creative, Em’s your girl, Google's new algorithm, Dan will explain. Everyone's individual input into our clients multichannel marketing strategy is what makes them so successful.

Finally, we asked our staff exactly what it is about working at Statuo that makes them happy;

"Statuo gives you the space to grow in your field without pressure, it is a relaxed environment with professionals that make you want to better yourself constantly, bound to laugh everyday in the office and staff aren't colleagues they have become mates. It doesn’t even feel like work, it feels like a second home" Nicola

"I love working at Statuo because of the people! it's literally home from home, we are all one big family and treat each other as such, we fail & succeed together - i literally couldn't think of working anywhere else & hope i don't ever have to" Adam

"Working here gives you a chance to just be yourself, and really push yourself out of your comfort zone professionally. We have a culture here where we’ve really cracked the work/life balance, a lot of places say that they prioritise that aspect of a job, and never actually do - but we’ve really got it nailed. We’re a family more than a team, and because of that; together we produce work that we’re all amazingly proud of" Faye

"For many people, finding their dream job in a nearby location with great colleagues can take years. I found it in my first job. From the get go, the team were incredibly accommodating and helped my confidence to grow. There really is never a dull day at Statuo" Katie

"Statuo is great for many reasons, but the main one for me is the trust given to the team. Each member is trusted to get the job done, whilst also being afforded the chance to have a laugh and enjoy the social aspect of working in an office with others. The people make any job what it is, and working with the team at Statuo makes every day enjoyable, and less like another stereotypical 'day at work.' There is a real 'team' mentality here, with everyone pulling in the same direction, it's great to be a part of it!" Dan

"Statuo is one of those workplaces where it doesn’t feel like work, because you genuinely love what you do and the people you work with. To be surrounded with such talented people pushes you to be the best you can be, and to produce the best work for our clients. You couldn’t find a happier place to work, and that's just because of how well we get on as a team. The hot chocolate from our coffee machine is the best in the north west too, so that helps!" Em

"It doesn't feel like I am going into work every day. Everyone who works at Statuo is amazing, I would call them friends before colleagues. We all work to the same goal every day, improving our clients performance & Leaving at the end of the day satisfied with your work is the best feeling. It's a very relaxed environment as well all trust each other to get the work done. Basically what I'm saying is I wouldn't want to work anywhere else or with anyone else" Tom

"What Nicola said" Joe

If you’d like to be part of our team here at Statuo, keep your eye out on our careers page!

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