Introducing the New Statuo Brand and Website

Katie White

Jan 21, 2022 . 3 minutes read

Statuo Hero

We’re thrilled to announce that our new brand and website have been launched. 🎉

The Why 

These past few years have brought about a lot of change, with many of us seeing big differences to the way in which we work, learn and communicate.

During this time, Statuo has seen a number of changes of its own, such as the big move to our fantastic new office and the addition of four great new faces to the team.

Not only has our team grown in size, we have also grown as people, having developed many more skills, knowledge and experiences since the Statuo brand first started back in 2015.

Unfortunately, we felt like our old branding and website no longer reflected who we are anymore, so we decided it was time for a fresh new look.

The How

Finding Our Voice

When communicating with clients and producing content, we needed a tone of voice that would show our professionalism whilst still being approachable. Our new identity should encompass all that we do and show that we do things differently at Statuo.

We break away from the mould. We break down barriers. We push the boundaries when it comes to digital marketing.

And there we have it- our tone of voice was created.

Our tone of voice should always be:

  • Bold
  • Professional, but clear
  • Enthusiastic

It’s important to be bold in our tone to reflect our bold moves when it comes to digital marketing.

It’s important to be professional, so our clients know we’re serious about what we do, but also clear so we can be easily understood. We don’t use complicated jargon here.

It’s important to be enthusiastic to show how passionate we are about our work.

“We break down costs, break down communication barriers, we push the boundaries. When it comes to digital marketing to make the companies we work with stand out against the crowd."

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Our Brand Values

As a team, we collectively decided our brand values are to be:

  • Passionate
  • Transparent
  • Innovative

Our Brand Guidelines

Our Logo

We decided to create a logo mark that is bold, powerful and creates a strong presence. Our black and white colour theme is timeless and helps our work to stand out and be bold.

Our Typeface

Our typeface is clean and approachable but stylised. We opted for Gordita for headings and Inter for the body copy as these fonts are crisp, helping to bring clarity to our complex strategies.

Our Photography

The photography on our site was inspired by Jason Madara. We didn’t want boring headshots. We want you to see our team’s personalities through the imagery.

For our office shots, we wanted to showcase our team at work in our new office. It was important to us that the images reflected our laid back environment and how we work together as a team. We have great fun but we get the job done.

Our Site Layout

We used linear accents throughout the site to create a clean and structured layout, reflecting our new straightforward way of working.

Take a Look!

We'd love for you to take a look around our site to see all of the fantastic things we've been working on recently.

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