Statuo is 7!

Katie White

Sep 25, 2022 . 2 minutes read

Statuo is 7 today, so we wanted to take the time to look at some of our favourite memories and proudest achievements over the years to celebrate.


Statuo Turns 7 - 2015

In 2015, Statuo launched from the kitchen counter start-up by Rick Hope who left a secure job in digital marketing to bring his more innovative ideas to life.


Statuo Turns 7 - 2016

Within just one year, Rick employed a team of 15 people. Statuo also came 14th out of 775 agencies in the UK in the Google Partner competition! Not bad for the first year, eh?


Statuo Turns 7 - 2017

Our client base grew from 10 to 80 clients by May 2017. Statuo also became a Google Premier Partner, allowing us to stand out from the crowd. Only 3% of agencies attain this status.


Statuo Turns 7 - 2018

Our team travelled to Brighton, Amsterdam and even as far as Texas to get some great expert insights and inspiration from marketing conventions. We were also nominated for Best Small PPC Agency at the UK Search Awards!


Statuo Turns 7 -  2019

We were awarded the Ruler Gold Partner badge and our team attended OFFF Barcelona, Amsterdam and the Tate, Liverpool where we got loads of amazing art and design inspo!


Statuo Turns 7 - 2020

Becoming increasingly fed up with our windowless office and a rapidly expanding team, we made the move to a much bigger office space. We decorated, installed our desks and finally moved in just 1 day before the lockdown!


Statuo Turns 7 - 2021

During the first half of the year, we were fortunate enough to be able to carry on working remotely from our homes, ensuring we were there for our clients when they needed us most.

We finally came together again for an unforgettable Halloween party, where Isaac broke his arm while dressed as Austin Powers– just a few weeks after joining the team. Quite the first impression!



With so many changes over the years, we felt it was time for a new look to reflect how much we’ve grown. So, we decided to launch the all new Statuo site!

We also finally joined TikTok (and went viral!) and started our own podcast, where we discuss a wide range of topics, from marketing strategies to whether we’d rather eat chocolate flavoured sh*t or sh*t flavoured chocolate 🍫💩

Time to Celebrate 🥂

Over the past 7 years, we have created an agency where every day is fun and exciting. Our great work environment is reflected in our results. So far, we’ve helped hundreds of companies to become their best.

With bizarre games of ‘Would You Rather?’ and Friday afternoon existential crises, there’s never a dull day in the office and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

To celebrate, we got together for some delicious cake and reminisced about the last 7 years, sharing some of our favourite memories that still make us cry with laughter (and making new ones when Rick knocked over his brew!)

Rick spills his brew

Here’s to more fantastic years of fun! 

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