The Greatest GIF's Of All Time!


May 25, 2016 . 3 minutes read

Gifs greatest

You may not know it but gifs have been around since the 1987 and were mainly used because of the slow internet connections around at the time. However, today they are now apart of everyday life. 

Here are a few of our favorites that we have come across these last six months.

Go Team Go!

Credit: Giphy

This gif is a classic. It features North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams. He is an energetic individual and has a number of gifs to his name. However, this is the best one by far.

This gif is great to use if you want to showcase how happy you are or how excited you are for something that is coming up.

After A Big Night On The Booze!

Credit: Giphy

What is not to like about this gif! It is an instant classic that will be around for years. The best thing about the gif is that the last child clearly fakes his fall to try and fit in and be ‘cool’.

The best way to use this gif is if you want describe how your day or week is going, especially if it isn’t going to well.

Hotline Bling vs Pulp Fiction

Credit: Giphy

What do you get when you combine Drake and Vincent Vega? The answer, an amazing gif that will be shown for years to come. The gif features Drake doing his iconic hotline bling dance accompanied by Vincent getting into his shuffle.


Credit: Giphy

This is probably one of the greatest gifs of all time and has us laughing every time we watch it. It features a very pleased and obviously shocked Australia’s got talent audience member who has probably just watched the greatest act in the history of the universe.

This gif can be used in so many ways. You can it use to express your appreciation for something or you could use it to accompany an exciting announcement you have that your followers will be excited about.

Just One Glass Of Wine Please

Credit: Giphy

I think everyone can relate to this gif. The age old classic of I will only have one drink. The gif features Amy Schumer downing a glass of wine from her TV show sketch show Inside Amy Schumer.

Catch Boy!

Credit: Giphy

We have all been there, trying really hard to do something but being nowhere near at the same time. This gif depicts that situation the best.

The dog first featured on Americas Funniest when it’s fail of a catch gained the attention of millions.

This gif is great to use when you want to some up your awful day or you want to describe how close you were to doing something.


Dodgeball GIF

Credit: Imgur

This guy obviously forgot the first and last Ds of dodgeball. Dodge and dodge.

Just like the dog gif you can use this one to describe how well your day was going until it all went wrong when someone through a dodgeball at you.


Cannonball GIF

Quick, hold my beer. I am just going to jump off this boat.

Here is another classic gif that has been making its rounds the internet. You expect him to fail but you don’t expect him to fail this bad.

Like most of the fail gifs they are great to describe fails of your own or of others.

Blocking Out All The Haters


Well this gif doesn’t really need much explanation. However, I wouldn’t mind knowing where she got that umbrella from.

I think we all know where, when and how you can use this gif to it’s full potential.

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