Working During Coronavirus

Faye Collings

Mar 18, 2020 . 3 minutes read

Working During Coronavirus

On Monday, Statuo took the decision for our staff to work from home for 7 days minimum. We are monitoring the situation each day with regards to the government advice, and will of course keep our clients updated. 

We want to make you aware of the steps we are taking to ensure business continuity during this strange time.

The Team

We took this decision, and not lightly may we add, on Monday evening after the BBC press conference. There are members of our team with underlying health conditions, and many of us have families who are vulnerable. We made the decision based on the wellbeing of our staff, and also of their family members. We met at the office on Tuesday, collected our things and set up our offices at home (whilst spice girls ‘Goodbye’ played in the background)

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Working From Home

We’ve always ensured that all of our team members have the ability and resources to be able to work from home, and so luckily this has been quite seamless. We use internal tools in our day to day office life which lend themselves to remote working. Our communications are, and have always been, done via slack, we have a project management tool ’Asana’ which runs our day to day projects, and each and every staff member has both a desktop and a laptop computer. Our telephone software allows for all calls to be directed to the correct staff members mobile number (so please don’t worry about calling us during this time)

  • We have a group video chat each day at 9am (this replaces our usual daily morning huddle, which we normally do stood up in the office with a nice cappuccino, but we’re having to make do with staring at each others close up faces for the time being) - this is where we tell each other our plans for the day, and what we’re hoping to start/complete - and here is where we check-in with each other, making sure nobody needs anything.
  • We have continuous monitoring to make sure everyone is on track, and if anyone needs any assistance from another team member
  • All deadlines for the day are outlined in slack & monitored via Asana.
  • We will continue to have our usual round up at the end of each day to the discuss progress made, and make sure everyone is generally okay.
Work from Home Morning Huddle

Retained Clients & Project Work

All of this will still be happening as it would if we were in the office, our team has a list of assigned tasks each month in order to keep your account/project on track and performing well, that work will still be done on time, and to the highest standard as always. We want to let you know that we are here to help throughout this difficult time, and we are always on hand to answer any questions as usual; pick up the phone, call us on Skype, or drop us an email - we’re all still here :)


We are carrying on as normal throughout these testing times, and we appreciate now, more than ever your support over the years, and we look forward to getting through this situation. If you need any support during this time, please do reach out.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Team Statuo x

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