Front End Developer James Christie


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I'm a self-taught front-end web developer, with a passion for video-editing.

I've been at Statuo since 2016 where i joined as an apprentice developer, and subsequently gave up my apprenticeship to work and learn full time on the job, and i haven't looked back.

Favourite thing about my job

I like when things go to plan, with development there are so many things that can be unexpected that when things just work out, be that through gaining previous knowledge or skills it can be rewarding.

An Interesting Fact

I once lost part of my finger on a trip to France, i cant say how or my mom said she'd take the other one too.

Favourite Album

Discovery - Daft Punk

What’s on your playlist at the minute

Michael Jackson, BROCKHAMPTON, Run the jewels.

Talk to me about

Everything web dev.

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