Lead Creative Nicola Law


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background

I began my career 16 years ago when I started graphics in college after loving it in high school. After leaving the Institute of the Arts in Cumbria with a 1st, I decided to pursue a career in design.

I got my first job straight out of uni as a graphic designer for an online eyewear company and became the marketing manager. This is where my love of UX & UI design started. It’s also where I first met Rick, who was a developer on our website at the time.

After 4 years I decided I wanted to work on a variety of projects and focus more on design and the world of UX & UI. I also realised working in a corporate environment wasn’t for me and decided to go freelance for a while. Shortly after, Rick approached me, having recently set up Statuo, and I jumped on board!

I now absolutely love my job and have been here for 6 years. The variety of brand and web projects constantly keep me on my toes and give me the opportunity to develop myself with every project. I love the passionate people I work with and over the years we have become a family together.

When I’m not at work, I am normally trying to negotiate with a 2 year old, going on days out and rearranging my house so it's aesthetically pleasing whilst still being toddler friendly.

Favourite thing about my job

I love working with a mix of people that are passionate about their job. Working with a variety of people with their own unique skill sets makes me constantly develop my skills and grow as a designer.

An Interesting Fact

I’m a qualified advanced diver with bsac.

Favourite Album

I don’t really have a favourite album, I just have playlists, I’m a bit old school and still like to listen to CD’s and tapes (don’t laugh). I like to listen to hip hop instrumentals to give me focus.

What’s on your playlist at the minute

Tribe called quest, Mura Masa, Shy fx, Koffee, Run the Jewels.

Talk to me about

Anything design related; Concepts, Branding, Typography, Web Design, Figma & Prototyping

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