Founder Rick Hope

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Being a massive geek from a young age, I have always been into computers, learning and creating things. I started to mess around with web design at around 15 as well as marketing for my Dad’s business. This led me down a long path of web design, development, graphic design and marketing; giving me the skills needed to pull everything together and grow businesses for other people.

In 2015 I set up Statuo with the ambition of keeping it small and working with just a handful of clients but it didn’t last long before we started to grow and turned into a full service agency with some amazing people. I still love going into the office every day as no two days are the same.

I also love to travel and continue to learn. If there's ever an opportunity for a conference in another country, I'm the first to jump at the chance.

Favourite thing about my job

The team we have! I don’t have a separate office, I just sit amongst the team and being involved just as much as them is what I love most about the job. It genuinely feels like a small family and we know we can all rely on each other.

An Interesting Fact

I can actually lick my own elbow.

Favourite Album

I’m going old school with DMX Grand Champ and some of the older stuff by Ed Sheeran.

What’s on your playlist at the minute

Any form of chill out lofi hip-hop or deep house. Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran also get their fair share of playtime.

Talk to me about

New business, growth and anything technical.

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