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About iHeat

iHeat was formed in 2019 by a Web Developer and 2 Gas Engineers - with a vision; make buying and installing a boiler easy. The idea was to create a seamless website journey where the customer answered just a few simple questions about their home, and receive an immediate quote which could be installed as quickly as the next day.

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The Project

The website needed to look simple to the customer - and yet behind the scenes be incredibly complex. A complex algorithm based on the customers answers determined the boiler price, and once an order was placed - the website then needed to search and identify local installers near the customers home, and send them an invite to accept/decline the job - none of this is visible to the customer and is managed through an internal dashboard which the staff at iHeat use to process and manage all bookings.

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Working with Statuo has really allowed us to scale the business at such a fast pace. They are responsive to our requests, and always have a solution to our problems

James Lovatt, iHeat

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Website Design & Build

The customer facing aspect of the website was developed first, and the internal dashboard is constantly evolving to suit the ever changing needs of the business.

Some of the features developed for the internal dashboard include an algorithm that matches engineers to a job based on their distance, qualifications, current capacity and past performance.

This builds a list of engineers in order of most suitable first and is used by the team to quickly find the right engineer for a particular job. The team also has the option to let the system automatically send the requests in order of suitability until an engineer accepts.

iHeat wanted to make sure that they didn’t disappoint any customers by allowing them to order if we had no installers available to install in that area.

We therefore developed a user interface for the team to quickly find areas across the country that they are over or near operational capacity for and disable the area for that day. Previous to this the team had to guesstimate if we had too many orders for a certain area.

Once the website had been designed and built - we got to work on marketing the site. We ran a multi-channel strategy from the outset as we needed to reach as many people as possible.