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Simplifying Boiler Installation with Instant Online Quotes and Quick Installation

iHeat had a mission to simplify the process of purchasing and installing a boiler. Their vision was to provide customers with a seamless website experience where they could answer a few straightforward questions about their home and receive an instant quote, followed by installation as soon as the next day.

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Simple for Customers, Complex Behind the Scenes

The website had to appear simple to the customer, but was actually highly complex behind the scenes. An algorithm based on customer input determined boiler prices, and the website automatically located nearby installers to invite to the job. This was managed through an internal dashboard for iHeat staff to process and manage bookings.

Working with Statuo has elevated our marketing to the next level, With their expertise we have been able to rapidly scale in an increasingly competitive market. They are quick to react to changes and always proactive with suggesting new channels/activities

James Lovatt - iHeat Director

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iHeat's Internal Dashboard and Marketing Strategy for Seamless Boiler Installations

The internal dashboard constantly evolves to suit iHeat's changing needs. It includes an algorithm that matches engineers to a job based on qualifications, distance, current capacity and past performance. An interface was developed to disable areas when over or near operational capacity. Multi-channel marketing was employed to reach as many people as possible.