Happy Birthday Google

Rick Hope

Sep 27, 2018 . less than 1 minute read

Happy Birthday Google

Google is celebrating their 20th birthday with a very special Google Doodle on their homepage. The doodle starts with a small collection of gifts with letter-shaped balloons connected to them, on one of the gifts there is a play button that when clicked starts the next step of this doodle. 

A video starts to play some of Google’s most popular searches from around the world over the last 20 years and highlights the huge impact Google has had on all of our lives. How much more connected as well as informed are we all with Google by our sides?

Here at Statuo, we have a special relationship with Google, for over 2 years we have maintained Google Premier Partnership status. This is Google’s highest honour. Being a Premier Partner allows us to have additional benefits that are specific to Google Premier partners, such as:

  • Our own dedicated team to help us with any queries that we may have.
  • Tools including, responsive text ads and data attributed conversions
  • Getting early access, sometimes at least 6 months in advance, to Beta products, such as CSS Shopping, ETA’s, The New AdWords and much more.
  • Attending annual partner summits.
  • Exclusive business training sessions with Google

All of these benefits have helped us to further develop both Statuo’s and our clients’ businesses over the years. So, from all of us here at Statuo we want to say thank you and h

Happy Birthday to Google.

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