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Rick Hope

Dec 20, 2017 . 3 minutes read

Statuo team

Well another year has come and gone, and as a team we are continuing to cover new ground & growing as a company. It’s been a huge year for us, we were awarded the google premier partner status in the summer following a rapid rate in growth from 10 clients in 2015 to 80 clients in May 2017. 

And so the family grows..

With huge growth comes new team members, this year we have welcomed Adam Pilkington our new account manager & our new web developer Andy Coupe. Both have settled in so well we can’t imagine office life without them. We constantly strive to create a positive atmosphere in the office as we believe it is essential if you want to create a productive environment.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible & achieves the impossible.”

Another big event this year is that we have moved into our new offices! We are still based in Horwich however we are now even bigger & better! The renovations started in the summer and the studio is now starting to take shape surrounded by new brand colours, positive & inspirational quotes that reinforce what we are about. We have created the ultimate work environment which motivates and inspires the people that work here.

One thing that has to have a special mention this year is the new addition to the studio you might have seen its appearance on our social feeds…its our fooseball table. Loved so much that the players have their own names. Its been a brilliant addition to the Statuo family and has helped battle a few brew round decisions.

Knowledge is power

We have travelled to different parts of the world this year to keep ourselves constantly on top of the game within our industry, attending conferences in Malaysia, Dublin & London this year. We continue to get smarter at what we do with the introduction of new emerging software such as InVision to aid seamless collaboration with our web clients along with hot jar to see how visitors are using your website, we ensure that we take your company in the direction that will get results.

New developments into 2018 with InVision & Hot Jar

Thinking outside the box

We have also undergone a rebrand this year with a more contemporary colour scheme uses primary based colours deriving from the term, ‘building the blocks of paid search success.’

Our new colour ways differ to that of a basic primary colour scheme, as we wanted to go one step further than both Google & Microsoft by mixing both a primary blue with green to create a refreshing unique turquoise colour, we wanted to show that we are constantly pushing our creative boundaries & fresh thinking. We have also developed our own icon set that illustrates our clean cut approach to the work we do, each icon illustrates a sector of our business; lead generation, search, ppc , web design & idea generation.

Bring on 2018!

All in all we have had a very good year and all we can say is we are pretty damn excited about what 2018 will bring! We are working on our new website and a few new projects to launch in the new year. We haven't even left the offices yet and we are all eager to get back to crack on with the next lot of projects. We cannot wait to see all your faces in the new year, to our existing and new clients Merry Christmas from us all at Statuo.

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