Our Office Move

Faye Collings

Sep 02, 2020 . 3 minutes read

Our Office Move

Towards the end of 2019 we realised we were rapidly running out of space in our office. The team was growing, and the lack of natural light was slowly, but surely, driving us all a bit loopy! 

We started the hunt for a new property, and found one not far from our existing office. It was bright and spacious with countryside views and ample parking - It was perfect. There was however one slight issue, in its current state it wasn’t exactly set up for an office based team. It was a physiotherapy centre, complete with Gym, 4 treatment rooms and a sunbed.

Nonetheless, not ones to be phased by a challenge, we took on the lease - and got to work!

The office before we moved in
The office exterior before we moved in

The move was tackled the best way we know how to - like an omni-channel project! Project Manager, Gantt chart, the whole team involved, each with clear manageable tasks & responsibilities and of course a completion date. We had a checklist of jobs, and also enlisted a site manager to ensure that the renovation went to plan (we might be good at building websites, but walls, not so much!)

We began by removing every single internal wall - to make the office as open plan as possible - and got to work.

We removed the floors, replastered the walls, created a meeting room using glass panels and installed a new kitchen and new bathrooms. We converted the garage so that we had even more internal office space, iHeat installed us a new boiler and heating system, and we had all new lighting and power points throughout. Overall the renovation project took around 6 months from start to finish - and was well worth the wait! (See below for progress pictures)

Office Renovations 1
Office Renovations 2
Office Renovations 3

We decorated, installed our desks & computers and finally moved in on the 16th March 2020 - To just get 1 day in the office before lockdown!

We’re now all back in the office and enjoying our new space!

New Office BBQ

If you’re thinking of an office move in the future, we’ve put together some tips that helped us through the move!


We cannot stress enough, to use this opportunity to throw away everything you no longer need! Make a keep, store and throw pile - and stick to it (there’s always one hoarder who wants to keep the fax machine cable from 1992 just in case you might need it again - you don’t!)

Delegate tasks

Make a list of master tasks to be completed before the move, and then assign some of those tasks and delegate them out to team members, if everyone has a list of small jobs that they are responsible for, things will work much more efficiently.

Create Moving Buddies/Teams

Get your team members to buddy up, making sure that everything from their desks/workstations is taken care of. Teams of 2 or 3 work best, this ensures that nothing gets left behind.

Internet & Telephones

You’ll need to allow time to ensure that all of your internet and telephone systems are in place and live before your team move in to minimise disruption to your clients and your business (We ensured that our internet was installed 14 days prior to move-in date)

New Address correspondence

Finally - make sure that your clients, suppliers and customers are informed of your move and your new address details (you don’t want clients turning up for meetings at the wrong office!) This could be a simple email, a nicely designed leaflet/letter that you post out, or even just a simple phone call.

Moving offices was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made here at Statuo. It’s now a fantastic office space that works perfectly for us. When the world gets a little more ‘back to normal’ we can’t wait to invite our clients over for a moving in party!

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