The Top 9 Website Design Trends in 2019 that You Can’t Ignore

Nicola Law

Jan 18, 2019 . 7 minutes read

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Where has this decade gone? In these crazily fast passing years we have seen a change in technology, with responsive mobile design and user experience (UX) now dominating website design trends in 2019! 

Did you know over 50% of searches on Google are now done through mobile device? This is why, we at Statuo create, with you as a mobile user at the forefront of our minds. But don't worry, large screen users also have the same quality experience every single time they land on one of our professional websites.

Do you care about conversion rate optimisation (CRO)?

In this post we are going to share with you the latest in website trends in 2019 to help grow your online presence and ensure your users are sticking around every time they land on your website.

We are going to take you through the number top 9 design trends in 2019. You will gain an insight into how we are providing you with the coolest and best trends to set your website apart from this crowded online jungle.

The team have kick started our year with a round-up of trends that are continuing to grow in 2019 towards 2020.

What exactly is included in this post for you?

9 Serious design trends in 2019 that will ensure your website stands out

#1 Broken grids

Broken grids are growing on the forefront of the web UI trends in 2019. A grid system will always be essential for clean and organised looking website design. However, if you are looking to break out of the typical grid system, you will step into a whole new-world of creativity and dynamism.

If you break out of the grid system you will have complete freedom to your design trends in 2019.

How do I break out of the grid system?

Let's look at 2 ways to add flexibility to your website design;

  1. Typography This is a great way to add a new dynamic look to your website. Playing around with different fonts, font-sizes and line-heights will give your website a “breaking out of the grid” look.
  2. Parallax Scrolling You will probably be aware that parallax scrolling has been around for years and will most likely be around for many years to come. However, you can add a whole new effect to your website using parallax scrolling in a unique way. For example, using multiple parallax effects on one page, side-by-side will inevitably give your website the “out-of-grid-look”.

Breaking out of the typical grid system will give your website a dynamic look. However, this all depends on the sector your business is in and the users that will be visiting your website.

#2 Serifs on screen

Serifs on Screen
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Do you like a classic font? Are you looking to implement a corporate look to your website?

2019 will see the introduction of more serif typography fonts on screen, the tradition used to be serifs for print and sans serifs screen, with legibility and bold messages at the forefront. The migration of fonts from print to web has increased brands presence online, Why?

Through user interaction and testing font styles companies have invested in developing the fonts on their site to represent their brand and what they stand for. Even though serifs are often associated with the past, they have lots of character and are more adaptable than you might think. An amazing example of classic Serif font is the Newyorker.


#3 Let's get old Skool - Retro is back in the latest 2019 web design trends!

Did you love the 70's era? Or maybe just that old classic look?

Classic retro is back in the web design game now more than ever. If you are looking for new website design trends in 2019, then we would recommend you checking out a new retro theme for your new business. Or maybe bringing a whole fresh new website theme into your current online presence in 2019.

#4 Black-and-white palettes

Have you ever just sat back and appreciated the amazing colour of a website?

Colour psychology trends in 2019 is one of the most important elements in a website. It sets the vibe of your brand and creates way finding throughout your site. Picking the right colour trend in 2019 for your website, could be the difference between a user purchasing your product or leaving your website for a more pleasing website. For 2019, we're seeing daring black-and-white web design making impressive statements.

When colour is missing, we begin to see things differently, shapes and visuals become clearer. Whilst white is calming and black is strong and assertive. Together they are unstoppable. Not only is it better for brands that change through seasons, I.e. clothing. But it is also good for those websites displaying case studies or that have good imagery to work with.

Using the correct amount of black and white on the page can make your imagery or any slight colours stand out more, making sure the user is channelled through the areas upon the site you wish them to view.

You can capitalise totally on the power of the colour and use this power to direct a customer to anywhere within your site that you desire.

Statuo Site Example

#5 Overlapping design elements

This is another style that are Statuo web design team appreciate - breaking out of the typical grid system with overlapping design elements.

Wow your website visitors with overlapping components. Having items that overlap each other can bring a different visual interest to specific types of content on a page, which is key to website design trends in 2019.

This can bring an element of the unexpected as we've grown accustomed to elements on a web page having their own space and separate from the elements around them (generally not touching one another). Or any a typical grid way.

#6 Natural, organic shapes

Web pages are typically set up for systematic grids, however designers are turning towards natural shapes and smooth lines. Geometric structures create a sense of stability and structure, however within 2019 trends are more concerned with the feeling of approachability and security on landing upon a web-page.

With the use of organic shapes in your website, you can send your user on a visual journey without having to make a single click of a button.

We have found through user interaction that the introduction of organic shapes can provide both depth to a web page but also helps elements on the page stand out and attract the user to click. The addition of fluid motion to these shapes can give your website a whole other dimension.

Organic shapes implemented within your website add a positive effect to your conversion rate.

Organic Shapes

#7 Micro-interactions

Every time you take a small action on a website or app there ideally should be a response. I.e. When you refresh the twitter page you hear a beep (this is a micro interaction.) In 2019 this is developing with hover, scrolling animations and much more. This development has come about with the user in mind, make web pages smarter and more engaging, if the user feels involved, they are more likely to stay on the site itself.

A great example of this psychology is when a Facebook user creates a post. Research has shown that we receive a great satisfaction every single time Facebook creates a notification for us informing us that we have received a new like on our post.

Micro Interactions

#8 Minimalism

One of the timeless trends is back, everyone has heard the saying, 'simplicity is key', if you haven't then now you know.

The fewer elements and content on a website, the less your audience will have to think.

If a website is designed in the right way for conversion, it will show the user exactly what they're looking for.


#9 Thumb-friendly navigation

Desktop, what desktop? Mobile browsing is rapidly taking over desktop browsing and SEO trends in 2019.has to be created with the thumb in mind. We have investigated how users hold their mobile phones through software such as hot-jar.

We can see how users interact with web-pages on mobile and make sure that menus & filters are clear and clearly visible for thumb use.

Thumb Friendly

4 other Graphic design trends in 2019 to think about

  1. 3D Design In 2019 3D design is going to be a complete game-changer to some businesses that dare to step into the realm of a whole new level of creativity. If you use 3D design correctly in your website, you can expect to blow your users away with how superior your website is. For some beautiful 3D website examples check out awwwards.
  2. Poly Abstract Shapes Poly Abstract shapes will give your website that 3D design just mentioned. Poly abstract design rapidly grew in trend in 2018 and that growth doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. How to effectively use poly shapes within a website? A key tip of Statuo team would be to user bright colours along with the poly abstract shapes. This is a key strategy to give your website users an amazing experience every-single time they land on your website.
  3. Gradient colour Gradient colours are massively coming back to wow us in 2019. One example of this is the Instagram logo. Why is gradient colours so special in 2019? Let us explain! Gradient colours take your users on a visual journey, just like some of the other examples we have mentioned. For example, the 3D effect. Using gradient colours in 2019 will keep your users engaged with your website. This will inevitably have a positive impact on your CRO. Check out gradient examples for some great examples of how to use gradient colours.
  4. Extreme heavy fonts Do you want to be bold? Do you want your content to stand out? Well you should see if a heavy bold font is key to hitting your users hard with your latest offers or content. What does this mean? If you look at the image below, you will notice the power of the font. It is hard for the human-eye to ignore this style of text. However, this does not work for every business. You should contact us to see if this style of font works with your business.
Nike Equality


We at Statuo are passionate about web design, as you can see from this post. Long-gone are the days of a boring website. Technology, web design and graphic design is evolving fast. We love amazing website design and the use of latest trends that add value to a customers experience to your website.

Is your website keeping up with the latest trends in 2019?

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