Time for a Rebrand?

Nicola Law

Aug 22, 2018 . 3 minutes read

Time for a Rebrand

Things change, and that’s a fact. 

Rebranding is an exciting process that can open up new business opportunities and help your business evolve. It can help you target the correct audience and create brand positioning within the market against your competitors. Here at Statuo we are really passionate about our branding and creating brands for clients to assist them to the top of their markets.

When embarking on a rebrand you need to consider costs, evaluate the implications of a rebrand, give thought to the application of your branding upon workwear, signage and corporate identity.

If your brand is missing the mark, then your customers are simply going to move to your newer and more relevant competitors. Businesses can always be updated and perceptions can always be changed. Rebranding is the way to do this, it gives you the perfect opportunity to develop a more future-proof brand image. If you are already planning a change in your business, i.e: moving in a new direction, changing the name or core services, then a rebrand is essential. A rebrand will help align your imagery and messaging with the new direction, and it will help attract attention to the positive changes occurring within your business.

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So, still debating about a rebrand? We have a few questions for you:

Things to consider:

  1. Are you relevant or competitive to your market?
  2. Are you up to date with the latest advances in technology?
  3. Are you up to date with current web trends?
  4. Have you noticed a dip in sales and revenue over the past few months?
  5. Is your branding attractive to your target consumer?
  6. Is your visual branding and tone of voice consistent across all customer platforms?

Now you are clear on whether you should rebrand or not, you can make an informed decision on your next steps. If you feel you are definitely in need or a rebrand, here are some important points to consider before going ahead:


The only thing more costly to your business than not rebranding is rebranding badly. Here is where step in. Thorough market research should be conducted with a full audit of the business to identify the weaknesses that need to be addressed as part of your rebranding.

Keep your current customers

Don’t confuse your customers with an overnight rebrand, you will reduce your following of already loyal customers and future clients. Keep them informed, make them feel like part of your brand by keeping them in the know on all your social platforms and newsletters.


Rebranding involves more than just a change of logo. You will need to consider the other implicated costs such as a new website build, stationery, signage, marketing materials etc. Make sure you plan out everything you will need to complete your rebrand properly, so us at Statuo can allocate a sufficient budget for the project.

See The Experts

If the above seems too much to take in, then don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help.

Our design experts will be able to help you, with every step of the process.

If you’re in need of a rebrand and you’re not sure where to start, just give the team here at Statuo a call on 01204 826440.

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