Top 1% Agency Finish for Statuo

Rick Hope

Aug 11, 2016 . 2 minutes read

Top 1 agency
Statuo Google Partner

We have some exciting news! 

As most of you know, we are a startup digital agency based in Bolton, and we are only 10 months old. Our speciality is paid marketing working very closely with Google on bringing in new business to the Adwords platform but like to see ourselves as the complete Digital Solution. If you have been following our social networks you have most likely heard about out Google Partners Game On Competition, quarterly we work with our Google account to manage and help grow businesses that may be new to online marketing through the Partners GameOn competition.

Google #GameOn

We entered this in Q1 just to see how we could compete against the big agencies based in Manchester and London, we came 70th out of 800 agencies which we thought wasn’t too bad, with this result in mind we really put a lot of focus on Q2 which we came in 8th position finishing in the top 1% in the whole of the UK!!

For a small town agency like us with big ambition this has set us in the right direction and given us the motivation to go after a top 3 position in Q3, with the support we now get from Google after being spotted on their radar we feel we have a good chance in competing with big agencies.

Time to Celebrate!

We were amazed at this result and even had Google calling us up congratulating us and offering us additional support to help group our business and support our current clients to help performance. They then rewarded us with a Google Mini-Bar (stocked with beer) and a Google Football which we will have in the office next week, keep an eye on our social!

PokemonGo Gif

As a company, we are all about having fun and creating a relaxed working atmosphere. We have created an environment where people love coming to work and enjoy working with the clients.

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