SEO Specialist Dan Saunders


Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

I left college in 2015 after completing my A-levels and had decided a good while prior to this that University wasn’t going to be for me. I started a marketing apprenticeship shortly after and have been working in SEO for over 6 years ever since. I’ve had several different roles, from Exec, to Account Manager to Specialist and enjoy the role now as much as I ever have.

Favourite thing about my job

My favourite thing about the role is overseeing a campaign from start to finish and then analysing the results. There is nothing better than going to a client with an idea, backing the idea up with data, and then in 3 or 4 months having the results to show exactly how the campaign has performed.

An Interesting Fact

People are probably bored of hearing this in the office…but it’s the only good story I have. I once made national press for accidentally putting my Glastonbury ticket in a Tesco bin, and then finding it in the bin about 12 hours later.

(I was also once used as a getaway driver, but this takes a lot of explaining)

Favourite Album

Beauty Behind the Madness - The Weeknd
Tune after tune.

What’s on your playlist at the minute

My playlist is such a weird mix. You can go from Stevie Wonder, to NWA, to Justin Timberlake and then The Weeknd. (Also a few musicals thrown in as well)

Talk to me about

Organic Search, if you feel like your website is underperforming then talk to me!

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