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Your brand is what makes a memorable (or forgettable) impression on customers and also lets your customers know what they can expect from your business.

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Building bespoke brands with a story

Branding is more than just a logo. We say that a lot here at Statuo but it’s true. To build a successful brand, you need to appeal to your customers in a way that your competitors don’t. You have to make them feel like they can trust you, align with your beliefs and values and most importantly, they need to be engaged by your personality. You cannot convey this with a simple logo. It's all in the detail, and it's something we pride ourselves on here at Statuo.

Using the latest design technology to create your vision

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Research and Strategy

We start every design project by getting under the skin of your business. Once we understand this, we then begin our research and strategy phase before we touch any design elements.


Brand Positioning

This is the next step after research, identifying a brand positioning statement. This is the statement that sums up your business, it's not about what you do, it's why you do it.

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Tone of Voice

Utilising your brand positioning statement, we then weave this through your tone of voice, creating headlines and straplines which accurately portray your brand.


Brand Design

Once we have found your position and your voice, we then start on how your brand is visually portrayed - this is logos, typeface, straplines, colours and how everything is applied to various aspects of your business such as website and print designs.


Print Design

Rebranding can seem like a mammoth task when it comes to all of your printed materials, brochures, business cards, invoices, letterheads, flyers etc. We take the stress out of that for you, ensuring a cohesive brand identity.


Brand Guidelines

Once your brand is finalised and signed off, if required we can put together a brand guidelines for your internal team to use moving forward, ensuring that your new brand is always adhered to.

“We are now a year in to the revamped marketing and branding, and we are currently receiving a number of leads via our website every WEEK!! Good quality too and these are generally being converted. The proof is definitely in the pudding here! I’ve been very impressed with the results and I’m looking forward to continuing the relationship.”

Ryans Chartered Accountants

“Nicola and the Statuo team helped us completely redesign our website and we are extremely pleased with the result. I highly recommend Nicola and the Statuo design team”

Plate Trader

We create record breaking results for our clients


Frequently asked questions

How much does branding cost?
Branding projects start from around £3k. We don’t just create a logo - we develop your business positioning statement, your strapline, your colour palette, tone of voice, image style, icon style etc, and show you how all of this will work across your business collateral such as business cards / leaflets / posters and website.
What is included in branding costs?
We would discuss with you what was needed from the branding project and tailor the costs accordingly. Some businesses require more assets (such as branded invoices, business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters, brochures, emails etc) and some require less, we would agree this with you at costing stage.
Why is branding so important?
Your brand is the first thing your customer sees. It acts as not only a trust signal, but also your customer should be able to relate to your brand, they should feel an affinity with it which then encourages them to engage with your business.

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