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We have great passion for getting to know and understand our clients businesses and helping them to the next level of success. See how we can help your business today.

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Tried and tested pay per click strategies

We analyse, optimise, design and build - whatever it takes to drive traffic and grow sales

Our team of strategists, PPC experts and content creators have the skills to develop a paid search strategy that delivers results at the level you need.

When done correctly, paid search can be your best marketing channel, but when done wrong, it will be your worst. We don’t do smoke and mirrors here at Statuo, we will tell you exactly where your money is going, and what works best for your business, if your money isn’t best placed in paid search - we won’t take it.

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Be more visible. Get more clicks.

In-depth analysis of your AdWords account and detailed explanations on how to improve it including:

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Budget Management

Never spend more than your agreed monthly budget

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Network & Devices

Optimise campaigns dependant on their device

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Negative Keywords

We are constantly reviewing your search terms

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Hour & Days

We know what day and times users convert best

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Wasted Spend

We team up with PPC fraud click software

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Quality Score

Quality over quantity every day of the week

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Bid Optimization

We are constantly testing new bid opportunities

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New Keywords

Never set and go, new keywords always pop up

Fast track your results with pay per click


We first need to understand your business goals and objectives

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Let us do the hard work and research your industry. We've got the tools to make sure we know what works.

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Industry Audit

We will then give you an industry audit, looking into your competitors and plan the next steps for a successful campaign

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A full report on our findings will be presented to you

Advert Copy

We get to work on creating conversion optimised advert copy

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You can't just press Live, theres work to be done every day to make sure your money is working hard

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Testimonial Digital ID

Opting to partner with Statuo has been one of the best decisions our business has made. In the first 12 months of working with the team we have seen a 57% increase in revenue from paid search, with a 41% increase in transactions. These are the metrics that matter to any business, not clicks. Their ability to understand our business model from day one was a big part in the improvements seen and the team have played a huge part in allowing us to scale our campaigns to reach new audiences.

Adam Bennett, Digital Marketing Manager,

Your Own Dashboard

You can see how we improve your sites performance, anytime & anywhere.

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Our Paid Search Services

If you want to drive a steady stream of qualified, buy-ready leads

Google Ads

Search is still the most powerful way to drive leads, targeting your customers at the right time in their purchasing funnel via search is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic.

Bing Ads

Although Google is king, there are still customers to reach via other search engines. We analyse your demographic, and run your ads across Bing to ensure you are getting all of the traffic available.

Facebook Ads

Facebook allows us such detailed insights into our customers that we can build out audiences so that you only pay to target the people you want to reach. It’s incredibly effective as a standalone campaign, or as a touchpoint in a multi-channel funnel.


An effective way of re-engaging with lost visitors, and people who have previously shown interest in your product, turning some of them back into valuable customers.

Lead Generation

Generating high quality leads, our expert marketing strategies increase the answer rate and quality of the leads via your website, it’s something we guarantee.

Google Shopping

An absolute must for E-commerce websites, Google shopping allows you to display your product feed in a visual carousel right at the top of the SERP. Here at Statuo, we know the importance of placing your product in front of your potential customers at the right touchpoint, and Google shopping does just that.

We state the facts…

Since clients have moved to us, we have improved their services….

CPA Dropped



Traffic Increase



ROI Increase



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