The Brief

The Aim of the project was to create a new and exciting brand identity to unite all the disparate and fragmented parts of the business to one consistent and appealing look.

Axiell felt that their current look was very corporate and felt that the red colour was quite aggressive. They wanted to soften the look, make it more approachable, personal, modern and digital friendly.

Axiell were keen for us to develop some unique visual design details that could be applied across their common suite of marketing materials.

They were open to shapes, graphics and layouts that could be consistently utilised. It was requested that we look at more of an evolution of some of their existing identifiers / brand assets to enable a smooth transition.


Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help in helping me turn this brand project around. So, thank you for; Agreeing to take on the challenge, putting up with all the minute detail of my (and other people’s) feedback and super practical requirements, being super responsive and quick with everything, and finally - for generally being nice people to deal with!



Our Approach

We began the process by laying out all of their existing brand collateral, identifying where the issues lay in terms of application.

We found that many of the brand identifiers had been designed in isolation, some things were designed specifically for print / web, without potential consideration as to how these would be applied across channels. We then got to work on Concept Phase.

The team created 2 concepts, one which was an evolution of the existing brand, modernising colour palettes / typography and logo and also building on some of the existing brand identifiers. The other which was a complete overhaul and a real step away from the current look and feel.

The client opted for a hybrid of the 2 concepts, which allowed us to really develop the concept further and create something which was stand-out.

Axiell’s core values focus around their customers, they aren’t a faceless global organisation which is what they potentially were perceived as with their previous corporate look.

Whilst there are various brands within the organisation, the brief was to create one holistic brand, so that customers can see that they are one united solutions provider. We also needed to get across the innovative and forward thinking aspects of the brand. We opted for fluid shapes, utilising the ‘dot’ from the ‘I’ as an identifier, and carrying it through the brand applications.

We focused on people-centric imagery to portray the customer focused element to the brand. We utilised a muted colour palette, toning down the red, and introducing some secondary colours to bring life and dimension to the assets and eventually - identify the various departments within the organisation.

The result is a lasting, identifiable, easily applied and innovative brand look and feel. Phase 1 of the brand application has been rolled out, with Phase 2 rolling out later in the year.