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Revitalizing Axiell: Creating a Unified and Innovative Brand Identity

The project aimed to create a unified and attractive brand identity for Axiell, bringing together various parts of the business. Axiell desired a less corporate look, aiming for a more approachable, personal, modern, and digital-friendly appearance. They wanted unique visual design elements that could be consistently used across their marketing materials. The request was to evolve their existing identifiers/brand assets for a seamless transition.

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Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help in helping me turn this brand project around. So, thank you for; Agreeing to take on the challenge, putting up with all the minute detail of my (and other people’s) feedback and super practical requirements, being super responsive and quick with everything, and finally - for generally being nice people to deal with!


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Transforming Axiell: Unifying Brands, Emphasising Innovation, and Customer Focus

We began by assessing their existing brand collateral and identifying application issues. We developed two concepts: one evolving the brand and the other a complete overhaul. The client chose a hybrid concept, resulting in a standout brand. Axiell's customer-centric values drove the redesign, unifying their brands and emphasizing innovation. We utilized fluid shapes and the "dot" from the letter "I" as a consistent identifier. People-centric imagery and a muted color palette were employed, with Phase 1 of the rollout already completed. Phase 2 is planned for later this year.