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Scaling New Heights: How's Brand Identity Took on the Great Outdoors, a new online retailer specialising in outdoor equipment, sought a unique brand identity to stand out among competitors and establish a strong online presence.

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The Art of Navigation, Designing with the user in mind.

We created a user-friendly website design for that showcased their products and made it easy for customers to find what they needed. Our clean and modern design reflected the brand's adventurous spirit, with a user-friendly navigation menu that allowed for easy browsing.

‘Statuo really understood what we were going for, we’re so happy with how the brand is looking and how well they have showcase the look and feel of our brand considering all platforms and the impact we want the brand itself to have on our consumers.’

Mountain UK Director

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Conveying Adventure: Creating a Brand Strategy for's Fearless Spirit

Our team formulated a brand strategy that effectively communicated the message "Bring it on" and aligned with the adventurous spirit of This strategy was intended to be utilized in future marketing campaigns.