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The Project

DMS Approached us looking for a full service approach to their marketing. A long standing family run business, DMS had changed their offering over the years, moving from reprographics and print into the digital world.

However their brand and website didn’t reflect this, meaning they were losing out on potential customers as people weren't aware of their full service offering. They needed a brand and web overhaul, and then a strategic marketing plan to tell the world.

That's where Statuo came in.


Branding + Positioning

Having conducted some in-depth meetings over at DMS, really getting to the heart of the business and taking into account their plans for the future. We created a detailed brief for our design and copywriting team to bring the new brand to life.

The brand mark itself explores the use of shapes, and the bold CMYK colours used are a nod to DMS’s print history. The use of shapes is then brought in through the strap-line: Shaping Workplaces, Creating Partnerships.

The positioning statement then brings a friendly and approachable tone of voice, simplifying DMS’ offering so it’s clear to seewhat services they provide.


Website Design & Build

The website was a relatively simple brochure style website, but did house a lot of content as the client has quite a few service offerings.

We opted for a simplistic multi-level mega menu, the navigation in places is 4 levels deep and therefore needed to be clear to users when they landed what services DMS offer. The use of shapes has been used all throughout the site to make it more friendly and approachable.

We also art directed a photoshoot over at the DMS offices- we wanted to ensure that customers saw the real people behind the business to build trust

The website itself was a bespoke design and build, using the Craft platform. This allows us and the client to easily edit and make changes to any aspect of the site easily and quickly.


Once live, we began work on a proactive marketing campaign. The omnichannel marketing encompassed SEO, PPC and Social Advertising, along with some offline print materials.