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The Project

We were approached by the team at CPA joinery who had been looking to create a new business. CPA are bespoke joinery company working on large scale commercial projects. They were looking to develop a new company which would target the domestic market.

Where a joiner could go onto the website and place an order for bespoke furniture. This was a complex project as the website needed to integrate intricately with a software called Magicut.

This is the software which once ordered would cut the materials directly in the warehouse.

Cutsmart 1
Cutsmart 3

Naming + Branding

We needed to come up with an identifiable brand concept which would resonate with the demographic (independent joiners) we came up with 2 concepts, and the chosen one was Cutsmart. Measure twice. Cut Once Smart.

The colour palette was bold and identifiable, the use of black and yellow was selected due to its nod to ‘Trade’


Website Design + Build

The website was a complex build, but needed to have a simple UX. Joiners needed to be able to create a ‘cutting list’ whilst on the go. This meant that the wireframe stage of the process was the most important stage.

Once wireframes had been tested and agreed, we moved onto implementing the design. Utilising the bold colours we had selected for the brand, we really wanted to highlight to the user that there was a great bunch of people behind Cutsmart so we arranged a photoshoot down at the warehouse with the team where we got some great hero shots for the website which really bring out the personality.

A completely custom build due to its nature, the project was always going to be tricky - a bespoke API needed to be developed, which linked with external CNC Machining software Magi-Cut.

A customer is able to select from the wide range of boards available to them, and have them cut specifically to suit their requirements. Once they have entered their sizes and created their bespoke cutting list, the website needed to send this information to Magi-Cut, to return a bespoke quote for the customer, which the customer then purchased via our website.

The site also needed to incorporate a standalone shop where customers were able to purchase standalone items such as hinges, brackets, adhesives and handles - and add these into their existing order.

The website was developed using the Craft CMS platform, but due to its nature it was a completely bespoke build. The Craft CMS was selected for its ease of use for the client to be able to update in the future, and it’s wide-range of available plugins to aid with further developments.


Once the site was live, it was then time to tell the world that Cutsmart existed! We initially launched with a Google Search campaign, and Facebook advertising. The facebook adverts were initially set up to target self employed joiners all over the UK offering an introductory discount, once this had produced enough data and sales, we then began to build out and target lookalike audiences of previous purchasers. The search campaign started small, initially targeting a small number of bespoke terms which we will eventually grow out further.