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Illuminating the future of electrical installations with a fresh brand identity and strong online presence

EME Electrical, a company specialising in electrical installations, wanted to revamp its brand identity and create a strong online presence. The company was committed to providing a professional and ethical service to its clients, and its mission statement reflected its dedication to customer satisfaction and employee growth.

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Powering Collaboration: How EME Electrical's brand electrified their audience!

We developed a brand for EME Electrical that emphasised collaboration, professionalism, and community involvement through the mission statement "Valuing Customers, Employees, and the Local Economy." The target audience of M&E coordination, procurement managers, supply chain coordinators, and commercial managers were aimed to be attracted.

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Powering up EME's online presence: Creating a modern website that sparks professionalism and promotes customer confidence in the brand.

We created a modern website for EME Electrical that displayed the company's expertise in electrical installations and high standards of workmanship, reflecting their commitment to a professional and ethical service. Our user-friendly design prioritised customer satisfaction and helped raise brand awareness.