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Statuo Empowers Glasscraft's Expansion: Unveiling a Striking New Brand and Website for the B2C Journey

Glasscraft are a well establish Glass Manufacturer & Distributor. They approached Statuo to work on a new brand concept. They had an existing successful business, but that business was solely B2B. They wanted to enter the B2C market, but without confusing their existing customers.

And so they asked us to create a new brand and website which would appeal to the consumer market.

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Transforming the B2C Journey: Crafting an Irresistible Brand and Website for a Seamless Entry into the Consumer Market

Our collaboration with Glasscraft began with exploring naming concepts, presenting six options tailored to the discerning, premium-seeking target audience. A captivating branding concept emerged, featuring a sophisticated color palette of rich blues and greys. We art directed a full-day photoshoot at three locations, showcasing Eclipse Blinds' seamless integration. Leveraging a mobile-first approach and Craft CMS, we meticulously designed and developed the Eclipse website, ensuring a seamless user experience and empowering the client with easy-to-manage updates.

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Exciting Website Launch and Proactive Marketing Campaign Promise Enhanced Brand Visibility. Stay Tuned for Performance Updates!

The eagerly anticipated launch of their brand-new website marks a pivotal moment in their expansion journey. Alongside this milestone, Glasscraft has embarked on a proactive marketing campaign, setting the stage for captivating engagement and enhanced brand visibility. Stay tuned for performance updates.