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The Project

Fleetsmart are a vehicle & asset tracking solutions provider. They provide their customers with the most flexible fleet & asset monitoring technology on the market. The Fleetsmart brand was born in 2002 and grew over time from a reseller status to a solutions provider - and also over this time, developed their own in-house Developed Cloud Technology.

The Brief

We began the project by undertaking a full SEO & PPC audit, from the audits we identified a list of fixes & tasks that were prioritised and completed over the following 2 months. We then began work on a proactive SEO and PPC strategy, which involved utilising various channels including: SEO, PPC, Facebook + Display advertising.

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For SEO we have focused on optimising and improving rankings for Fleetsmart’s key revenue driving keywords. We’ve done this through a mix of on page optimisation, technical implementations to improve speed, and content creation and optimisation. We have a content strategy in place which focuses on positioning Fleetsmart as leaders in their industry.

Alongside our SEO strategy, we also have a PPC strategy in place across their UK & Canada websites. We capture leads for key terms, and we also implemented a successful Display advertising campaign alongside the The PPC account is structured to ensure that CPA stays at an agreed level with the client, whilst also increasing leads across the board.

Website Redesign + Build

After 6 months of working together, Statuo & Fleetsmart both agreed it was time for a new website. The old site was looking a little dated, and making changes in the old CMS wasn’t always easy. We opted for a Wordpress build to ensure that the guys at Fleetsmart could continue to make changes to the website in-house, but we opted for a bespoke build - which allowed us more creative freedom across the web design.

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The Results

The work we have done for Fleetsmart is a great example of why simply looking at traffic levels for a client is not the be all and end all. Fleetsmart have always ranked really well for terms which on the face of it, are extremely competitive, and have high search volumes. However, at the start of 2020, having conducted analysis on the queries driving traffic, we decided to change the approach slightly. Whilst traffic looked fantastic each month, conversions were not necessarily growing at the rate we would have liked.

Having analysed this, we came to the conclusion that whilst we were ranking really well for top-level, generic keywords, the type of traffic this ws driving was not particularly relevant for the B2B services Fleetsmart provide, and that the time it took for a user to convert after visiting the site was much longer than we would have expected, due to the stage they were at in the user journey.

Because of this, we amended targeting across the site to be much more granular, and targeted terms which fleet managers were more likely to search. We understood this may cause traffic growth to slow, but trusted that conversions would significantly increase. This has been the case. The ‘vanity’ keywords we were targeting before, whilst great to discuss in a report each month, were not necessarily aligned with exactly what the client needed.

Here are some statistics for the 1st Jan 2021 - 31st Oct 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

We’re really happy with the way the campaign has worked for Fleetsmart, the stats imply the traffic coming to the site is extremely targeted, users are finding what they want quickly, and are converting at an extremely high level.

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7.6% Increase 20,780 vs 19,301

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New Users

9.6% Increase 19,799 vs 18,067

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2.78% Increase 41,799 vs 40,668

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Page Views

2.06% Increase 62,905 vs 61,634