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Monthly Tee Club is a t-shirt subscription service.

The t-shirts are dreamt up, hand-drawn on site by the talented team and then packed and shipped from their Manchester based warehouse.
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The brief

MTC approached us back in 2015 with the idea, they’d tried it and it had worked on a small scale. They wanted help with growing the brand, and eventually, taking it worldwide. The brief included Brand growth, website design & build and marketing.

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Initially we began with redesigning and rebuilding the website, the site needed to be bespoke, and required a sophisticated Content Management System. Users needed to be able to create accounts, update their subscription details, payment info and addresses. They needed to also be able to login to the ‘TEEpicker’ each month and select their chosen design. All of this information then needed to be translated back to the MTC fulfilment team and seamlessly integrate with the warehouse management system.

We built a bespoke system for this which hooked in with various payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal & Stripe. Site conversion rate immediately jumped by over 100% with the new website, and that was before we began sending any marketing traffic to it.

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Brand building

The USP of Monthly Tee Club is that the t-shirts are designed based on your interests, to get this across we created an Icon Set, which was then utilised across both digital and offline. We designed the boxes which the t-shirts were shipped in. Over the time we’ve been working with MTC we have created various assets which were used to promote the brand across offline channels.

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We were asked from Bolton based company Monthly Tee Club to build up brand awareness over social media, with a new bespoke social media funnel to increase engagement we were able to make people aware of the service and the products offered.With deep analysis of the market, we were able to identify the ideal tone for the business on social media allowing us to push the right message to the right people.

The end goal was to increase subscriptions. As of February 2020, there are currently 14,160 active monthly subscribers, and 71,203 total subscribers since the launch of the new website.

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"I honestly can't recommend Statuo highly enough. Their approach is really friendly but professional. I have seen a record number in web traffic, enquiries and sales since working with them"

Rick Chebrika, Managing Director, MTC

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