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Revitalising Mr Teak's Online Presence: Crafting a Seamless Experience for Wooden Furniture Enthusiasts

In 2019, Mr Teak, a family-run teak furniture business, approached our agency to enhance their online presence. We redesigned their website using Shopify, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience that aligned with their brand. The revamped website showcased their quality furniture and provided customers with a seamless browsing and purchasing journey.

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Crafting Success: Remarkable Outcomes and Seamless Transactions for Mr Teak's Furniture Business

Remarkable outcomes achieved: £2.6M sales, 33M impressions, 663% ROAS, and 430K+ clicks. Our optimized digital marketing strategies increased brand visibility, drove traffic, and converted leads. The revamped website played a vital role in captivating attention and facilitating transactions.

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From Transformation to Triumph: Elevating Sales and Brand Visibility for Mr Teak's Teak Furniture

Our partnership with Mr Teak resulted in a successful online transformation. Through website revamp and strategic marketing campaigns, we achieved substantial sales growth and increased brand recognition. The visually appealing website, optimized digital strategies, and user-centric focus contributed to impressive results. We remain committed to refining and enhancing Mr Teak's digital marketing initiatives for sustained success in the teak furniture market.

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Site Visitors

Up by 148%

Original Site: 2,821

New Site: 6,999

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Up by 89%

Original Site: 93

New Site: 176

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Up by 39%

Original Site: 896%

New Site: 1248%