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The Project

Ryans are a Chartered Accountants based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. Founded by Edward Ryan in 1890 and significantly expanded in 1997 they have an excellent record of service to their clients spanning three centuries. Ryans approached us as they felt that the brand needed a refresh to portray how the company had evolved over the years.

Ryans Amelia

Branding + Copywriting

We began the project by defining their position in the market. It was clear that they wanted to show that they weren't a typical accountancy firm and enlisted Statuo to help get that message across. Once we had defined their new brand positioning with the use of creative copywriting, we got to work developing the new brand identity.

We chose to keep the red, which over the years had become synonymous with ‘Ryans’ - however we toned this down slightly for approachability, and introduced a secondary colour. The logo and identifier was crafted with old school accountancy in mind, with the dots symbolising an abacus - a nod to Ryans 100 year old heritage. We applied the new brand across all collateral.


After liaising with several marketing, SEO and branding agencies over a number of months it was clear from the start Statuo were the right choice for us, the fit was perfect. Formal yet relaxed and professional without being stuffy, we developed a rapport easily and they showed a genuine interest in us and our business. In short, they just “got us” and as a result understood the message we were trying to get across. Everything was delivered on time and at each stage they took us through their thought process and reasons for making decisions. The whole experience from the brand creation to the copywriting was amazing and really did have that wow factor

Dale Pollitt, Director, Ryans


Design + Development

We designed and built a new website to ensure consistency across all platforms. The website was a bespoke design and was then built using Wordpress. Ryans have a lot of services, and in the previous website, this had resulted in a convoluted navigation.

We simplified the navigation, and applied a clean and modern design throughout. We rewrote all of the website content to align with the new brand positioning ensuring consistency, and finally the introduction of new photography elevated the website to introduce the personality of the team into the website.

We art directed a photoshoot at Ryans head office to create a bank of images which could be used across various platforms such as the website, social media and printed materials. The use of real staff members throughout the brand ensures it aligns with the brand positioning of clarity.

Friendly and approachable headshots, along with hero banners of the team really bring the site to life, and ensures that when a user lands on the website, they are immediately engaged with the brand.

We continue to work closely with the team at Ryans on their SEO, PR and marketing strategy and are looking forward to what the next few years hold for the company.